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El Comité Internacional de Itinerarios Culturales (CIIC) is one of ICOMOS International Scientific Committees.
It was born thanks to a group of ICOMOS members from very diverse regions, who, from the submission and subsequent nomination as a World Heritage of the Camino de Santiago in 1993, were given the task of delineating and defining this new category to establish a methodology appropriate to the meaning of this concept.

CIIC has cooperated closely with other international ICOMOS committees to support them in identifying and documenting heritage sites that fall within the multidisciplinary context of Cultural Routes, thus having an important role in the expansion from this new experience to all areas of the world, making Cultural Routes an element of interest in the maintenance and promotion of Peace.

Cultural Routes

The scientific meetings aim to open the doors of CIIC to ICOMOS professionals and emerging professionals around the world, in order to show the meaning and importance of each category of heritage and distinguish new talent whose affinity makes them close to this subject of research.

Doctrinal Documents Collection

After 50 years of UNESCO recognizing ICOMOS as the cultural heritage assessor, at least twenty-nine cultural heritage categories have been considered to be led by the respective scientific committees. This is how the analysis of Cultural Routes, a new category of heritage, was born. CIIC thus has letters, statements, recommendations and doctrinal texts produced over the years.

Other Categories

Archaeological Heritage Management

Cultural Landscapes

Cultural Routes

Cultural Tourism

Earthen Architectural Heritage

Economics of Conservation

Energy and Sustainability

Fortifications and Military Heritage

Heritage Documentation

Historic Towns and Villages

Industrial Heritage

Interpretation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage Sites

Intangible Cultural Heritage

Legal, Administrative and Financial Issues

Mural Painting

Places of Religion and Ritual

Polar Heritage

Risk Preparedness

Rock Art

Shared Built Heritage

Stained Glass


Structures of Architectural Heritage


Theory and Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration

Underwater Cultural Heritage

Vernacular Architecture


20th Century Heritage

The CIIC around the world

CIIC is currently resident in the city of Chihuahua, Mexico. He serves as a leader in the performance of expert members in thirty-seven countries and three continental vice-presidencies: Europe, Asia-Oceania and Africa-Arab Emirates.

ICOMOS and all its national and international committees are made up of 104 countries and 10,100 members

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